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 Psychotherapy in Swindon
Adele Taylor MA, Dip HIP
Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy

Telephone: 07887768313

Adele Taylor MA, Dip HIP

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Swindon

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 Psychotherapy in Swindon
 Psychotherapy in Swindon
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Gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and our motivations in life can help us on the road towards a more fulfilling life.

Psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential environment where exploration and interaction with the therapist can lead to a new awareness.  It can help a person come to a richer understanding of their feelings, anxieties, worries, and relationship issues.

Working from Swindon I provide a warm, empathic and non-judgemental space in which you and I can explore the roots and patterns of your life.

You may be feeling sad, overwhelmed, anxious or stuck in a moment. Whatever may bring you to therapy, we can work collaboratively to look at what is going on for you at this time.

I work from a Humanistic and Integrative approach which means I draw from a number of approaches to suit the individuality of my client.

I whole heartedly believe in a holistic approach to therapy which means I work with the whole of the person and not just the surface symptoms.

Exploring the depths of ourselves can be painful as well as enlightening.  Looking at our past can sometimes give us clues to what is happening for us in the ‘here and now’.  We will work at a pace that feels comfortable for you at all times.